• A trip to Okinawa
    From November 7th through the 20th, I had the chance to once again visit Okinawa. This was my third trip to the island, and I was grateful for the opportunity to explore some of the key karate-related sites in Naha, partake in delicious and traditional food, most importantly, to train with Taira Yoshitaka Sensei, Arakaki […]
  • Congratulations to Mark Kelly
    Congratulations to Mark Kelly on his promotion to green belt. Making wonderful progress! And welcome to our new students! We’re truly grateful for the terrific energy you bring to our class, and for forcing us to once again see things with a beginner’s mind!
  • The COVID-19 and The Memorial Events for founder Shoshin Nagamine in Okinawa
    The COVID-19 and The Memorial Events for founder Shoshin Nagamine in Okinawa Posted on April 11, 2020
  • Congratulations on Successful Testing
    Congratulations to Richard Podolsky, Jim Nickelson, Mary Ann Heinzen-Hackett, Daniel Donnelly, Lyn Cathryn Donnelly, and Stephen Pease on their successful testing yesterday at the Penobscot Bay YMCA. Richard and Jim were promoted to 7th Kyu, Mary Ann and Daniel were promoted to 4th Kyu, Lyn was promoted to 1st Kyu, and Stephen received his promotion to ni-dan. Congratulations all!
  • David Troup’s Recent Okinawa Trip
    From March 19th to the 29th I had the tremendous joy of training in and around Naha, Okinawa— a trip that not only revealed to me untold new understandings of fundamental kihon, kata, bunkai, and yakusoku kumite, but also brought to life karate history and culture in a fascinating and most unexpected way.