Two karate students prepare to be tested by a table of instructors

Successful Testing Goldberger and Dole

Congratulations to Patrick Dole and Luci Goldberger on their successful promotion to Nikyu (Brown Belt) at the Penobscot Bay YMCA last night. Much practice and training went into this—and it showed!

Congratulations to Kyle Reniche on Sandan Promotion

On Saturday, May 25, Kyle Reniche successfully tested for his Sandan (third-degree black belt). Kyle has been a key member of our dojo since 2007. His hard work and his commitment to Matsubayashi-ryu is evident. Congratulations on a well-deserved promotion!

Successful Testing by Chris Felicetti

Congratulations to Chris Felicetti on his successful testing for 8th kyu. Keep working hard on the basics. The hardest part is getting through the door, the rest takes care of itself. Well done!

Successful Testing for Shodan

Congratulations to Mary Ann Heinzen-Hackett on her successful promotion to Shodan on Thursday, February 22, 2024. She performed all kata, bunkai, and yakusoku kumite successfully as well as passing her oral examination. Well done! Keep working hard!

Successful Testing

Congratulations to Haydee Temple and Corey Fougner on their successful promotion tests. Corey was promoted to 8th kyu (green tips) and Haydee to 4th kyu (brown tips). Well done both of you. Keep working hard on the basics!

Successful Testing

Luci Goldberger (front left) and Patrick Dole (front right) successfully tested for 4th Kyu

Congratulations to Patrick Dole and Luci Goldberger on their successful testing for 4th kyu (brown tips). Good focus on the basics, and understanding of the kata. Keep working hard!